A Paradigm of Facebook Chat: featuring Malcolm Gladwell!

Nathan: Where’s the blog update dude? I’ve made 3 this month already

Brendan: If you bothered to read the blog, and yes I realise that’s a paradoxical assumption, you would see that I left a note saying that I have mountains of work, so I won’t be updating it until next week. Trust me, it has been painful not writing about random pop culture matters

Nathan: I did read the blog, I’m just saying that you really need to get your priorities in order

Brendan: So basically it should be readerless blog first, potential career defining studies second

Nathan: Well, with that attitude, I guess there’s no hope for you!

Brendan: I’d like to use a girlfriend analogy for this blog/degree conundrum. I’d say the blog is like an extremely hot girl- except that she’s drunk- and maybe you’ll have a one night stand with her, and you’ll reminisce about it for years to come, but ultimately it often means nothing in the overall scheme of things.

Now the degree, that’s the girl you’ve always known. Always thought she was attractive, but you never thought she saw you in that way. But you put in all this work, and then one day- Bam! you “slip one into her”-

Nathan: Duuuude it was tasteful until then

Brendan: And you settle down with her and get married and have a contentful, pleasure-filled life, only occasionally regretting not going after that mega babe, who now that you think about it, was the spitting image of Miranda Kerr, only with a more ample bosom.

Nathan: Well anyways, I see a blog as more like someone who you find attractive, and it turns out that the more you know them, the better it gets. It could fizzle and die, but there’s definitely potential for something good to happen.

The degree, on the other hand, is someone you’ve always had a crush for, and have worked on for years, and then when you finally get her- it turns out she’s a man.

Brendan: So basically you work so hard for this degree, and then when you finally get it and go out and get a relevant job, you find that you are the office copyboy. At best, the guy who getst the coffee.

Nathan: I’m glad you understand

 Want more of Nathan? Really? You read that transcript, and decided you liked his writing? Wow, I don’t know what to say. Oh yeah, check out his blog at inkfilledmind.com

N.B.- For those of you who are not familiar with Malcolm Gladwell’s work- I strongly recommend reading his books “The Tipping Point”, “Blink” and “Outliers”. Even if you’re into fantasy (and really, who is?), you will love these books, I guarantee it. Although don’t get worried if you find yourself unable to finish them; I have got through about 2/3rds of each book before going on hiatus for a month, then finishing them off. I don’t know why I did, I just did.

For those of you who are fans of Malcolm Gladwell’s work- did you really think I would have some news/insight into him that hasn’t already been said by a far more qualified source? Piss off


2 responses to “A Paradigm of Facebook Chat: featuring Malcolm Gladwell!

  1. shut up chris

  2. You can’t just use a Facebook chat conversation as a blog, that’s just lazy.

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