Jonathan Holmes: What a man

 If you don’t watch Media Watch, then I feel sorry for you son, ‘cause I got 99 problems but a lack of knowledge of media protocol ain’t one. Tonight’s episode brought to attention an interesting if totally immoral technique that Channel Nine have been using. It seems that they can’t possibly promote Underbelly enough; 60 Minutes runs stories on the ‘characters’, A Current Affair does their usual shilling of the new season, and in-house advertising has reached its apex now with the news referring to criminal suspects as “Underbelly-like”. As the insufferably smug Jonathan Holmes points out, didn’t the correct terminology used to be underworld? If Nine are going to use their news to further Underbelly’s agenda, when will other networks start doing likewise? Will Channel Ten focus almost exclusively on the culinary tales of “Master Chefs”? Will Channel Seven illuminate overcrowded suburban dwellings that are “Packed to the Rafters”? Will SBS report purely on their employees’ sexual encounters?

“Good evening. I’m Anton Enus, and I just got a BJ from the make-up lady. That and more, coming up shortly.”

Jokes aside, this could be the next big development in subliminal advertising, and there’s no real reason why it could be made illegal. You’ve been warned.


One response to “Jonathan Holmes: What a man

  1. haha.great blog.nice jay z reference, i love the occasional media watch ep too. interesting your comment about channel 7 and packed to the rafters.during the last season of rafters (my mum watches it) whatever issue/theme happened to be dealt with in a particular episode, would also be featured the next day on sunrise or whatever morning show 7 have.not quite the same, but getting there

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