And with a cameo from Adrian Grenier…

I haven’t updated this blog in quite a while, primarily because of my willingness to disassociate myself from some of the ideas presented in earlier entries and submarily (that’s definitely not a word) because of my laziness. This is the trend of the last year or so- I write some pithy comment on a sociocultural evolution which may or may not be horribly misinformed, and forget this thing even exists until, apropos nada, I realise I have a website to maintain and a legion of hungry fans to satisfy by filling their minds with my words (and their stomachs with delicious sangers). And so it has come to that time of the month, so to speak, at which I choose a random subject to vent or perhaps understand a bit better.

The randomly generated (but strangely relevant) topic for this entry is…TUMBLR.

Tumblr, a blog/photolog (phlog?) network, came into prominence this year when it filled a gap in the blogging marketplace: the picture blog. Obviously, it is not at all difficult to put a picture into a blog entry on a website such as WordPress (though this particular one you are reading does have a delightful slogan in regards to its lack of literal imagery), but there has not really been a blogging platform that takes the whole “A picture says a thousand words” adage so seriously. As far as I can discern, the Tumblr community believes the average length of a blog entry is 1,010 words, and so writes a 10-word piece acompanying the giant visage of their choice. This is kind of perfect for our culture for two main reasons:

1. The length of an average Tumblr entry is similar to a status update. The picture provides author with a manifestation of said entry’s subject, saving us from having to either research or imagine what it possibly could be talking about; and

2. The added text, coincidentally (and maybe ironically) actually takes away from the subtext of the picture itself.

I’m not sure how much sense these reasons make, and I don’t feel like elaborating on them because I can’t concentrate as there is a television on in the background playing that god damn stupid “The Block”, a show that was cancelled years ago and brought back for absolutely no reason other than to provide another opportunity for Scott Cam to press his claim for the title of Australia’s biggest poser. I believe the guy, once upon a time, worked in construction et al., but to have him presenting television programmes in his King Gees andĀ steel-capped boots is just insane.


3 responses to “And with a cameo from Adrian Grenier…

  1. I must agree that the culture surrounding Tumblr fails on a gargantuan level. However, in my eyes it is a step in the right direction (which Posterous has gone well beyond a single step in) in that it offers integration with other social media platforms.

    This integration saves precious time and effort such that when I update my blog a notification of sorts is sent to all my SM platforms (twitter, digg, reddit, fb, twitter, blogspot & tumblr ironically).

    Also for the sake of seo, entrepreneur, marketing, event management, sydney, ACES and cock.

    • Bryce, I really disagree that that is a good thing. I deliberately don’t use Twitter because I’m not interested in most people’s posts. I don’t want to have to see them on Facebook, too. Same goes for you, Tumblr.

  2. That last paragraph absolutely slayed me.

    So true.

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